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Projects for Sponsorship

T.R.E.E. Initiative Nursery Project

Over the next few years, starting from 2023, to reduce the cost of planting trees and logistics of sourcing for quality seedlings, we have decided to establish a dedicated nursery for both native and exotic tree seedlings from where we can produce enough seedlings for our collaborative tree planting projects as well as to support rural farmers interested in our agroforestry advocacy.


This is an open call on potential sponsors.


Centre for Apiculture Research & Development 

To train and empower hundreds of women and young farmers in the art of modern beekeeping and apiculture practices, we are building a training and research facility with a dedicated workshop, repository and bees sanctuary.


The focus is to promote pollination as a climate change adaptation strategy for farmers in rural agrarian communities. This facility will be accessible and affordable for those interested in the business of modern beekeeping.


This is an open call for collaboration & partnership.

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