Our Team:

Sola 2-1.jpeg

‘sola KOLAWOLE mnitp rtp  (Co-Founder)

An Environmental Scientist, Agribusiness Value-Chain Consultant and Consulting Town Planner with expertise in Biodiversity, Wildlife, Conservation, Human Settlement Development and Advocacy Planning. He has degrees in Urban & Regional Planning and Business Systems Analysis & Programming.

‘ropo EGBELEKE (Co-Founder)

An Educational & Development Consultant with expertise in Rural Livelihood Empowerment, Gender equality, Community-Based Conflict Transformation and Peace Building. He has degrees in Agronomy, Development Studies with Major in Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspective.


A Lecturer and Research  Scientist with expertise in Plant Breeding, Population Genetics, Crop Improvement, Plant Biotechnology, Genetic Diversity and Molecular Marker. She has degrees in Agronomy, Crop Science and a Doctoral Degree in Plant Breeding.


A Research Scientist with expertise in coordinating Tree Improvement and Silviculture. She has degrees in Forest Resources Management  and a Doctoral Degree in Forest Biology & Silviculture.

‘kunle OGUNDELE, PhD

A Computer Scientist with expertise in Knowledge Engineering, Data Science, Sensor Network, Predictive Analytics and Geospatial Technologies. He has degrees in Urban & Regional Planning, Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation, Geoinformatics and a Doctoral Degree in Computer Science.

‘yetunde YUSUF, PhD

A University Lecturer and Research Scientist with expertise in Plant Production, Protection and Phyto-chemical Analysis. A Field & Storage Entomologist with emphasis on Organic Matters. She has degrees in Agronomy and Crop Protection.