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Key Services:

T.R.E.E. Initiative focuses on five service areas. These services are highlighted below:


At T.R.E.E. Initiative we believe in continuous mandatory awareness programs (CMAPs) to educate communities. We have developed several tools through which we advocate for climate change adaptation strategies such as agroforestry, reforestation, smart agriculture, biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihood.


Education is a central tool at T.R.E.E. Initiative for reaching out to the communities. We have the capabilities and a network of volunteers in themeatic areas that can provide qualitative training. We periodically organise summits, roundtables, field tours and workshops to enlighten and equip participants on the importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation, tree planting, food security and sustainable livelihood activities. We teach the strategies and tools they require for implementing solutions in their communities. We also train and mentor volunteers.


At T.R.E.E. Initiative, we understand the importance of evaluating the performance and progress  of projects. We have volunteers that are skilled and can be engaged for data management, performance evaluation and quality assurance for all development related projects. We run a thorough process to evaluate the performance of projects initiated by us as well as consult as independent evaluators for other development projects across the country.


In a bid to lead by example, we get directly involved with project implementation to provide appropriate intervention in specific areas.  For instance, we float tree planting projects in institutions, schools and communities and back it up with intense advocacy. We provide tree seedlings for tree planting projects at a cost and training for those interested in tree planting to nurture. We are always eager to participate or collaborate to implement such projects.


Our interest in research at T.R.E.E. Initiative is borne out of the need to be ahead of trends. We understand the critical role research plays in planning and advocacy. Our team of volunteers include academics with interest in research.  We are positioned to take on research briefs for various projects particularly climate oriented projects across the country.

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