Key Services:

T.R.E.E Initiative focuses on 5 key services through which the programs areas's purposes are achieved. We have developed capabilities both internally with our staffs and also through the involvement of consultants who are experts in their fields. The key services are highlighted below:


At T.R.E.E. Initiative we believe in a continuous mandatory awareness programs (CMAPs) to educate the masses on the need to improve their communities. We have developed several tools through which we advocate for sustainable livelihood and climate change. 


Education is a central tool of T.R.E.E. Initiative for reaching out to the communities. We have the capability and a network of professionals in the field of climate change and environmental sustainability that can provide qualitative training to individuals and corporate bodies. We periodically organise seminars and workshops to enlighten participants on the importance of climate change, food security and afforestation. We also equip them with strategies and tools they require for implementing solutions in their communities.  We also carry out training programs for community volunteers and offer mentoring programs for young professionals.


At T.R.E.E. Initiative, we understand the importance of evaluating the performance and qualities of projects intended at livelihood sustainability. We have experts that are skilled with data management, performance evaluation and quality assurance of the implemented projects. We run a thorough process to evaluate the performance of our internal projects as well as consult as independent evaluators for various climate change projects across the country.


We intend to establish our sustainable intervention plan through leading by examples. We are directly involved with project implementations to provide appropriate intervention for specific risk areas.  We run tree planting projects in various communities, where we first identify the cause of depletion in forest resources and follow it with advocacy and symbolic tree planting. Then, we continue to provide tree seedlings and offer periodic training to volunteers in the areas. We are always eager to participate in project implementations that will give the community a valued and quality lifestyle. 


Our interest in research at T.R.E.E. Initiative is borne out of the need to be ahead of trends. We understand the critical role research plays in planning and advocacy. Our team is made up of academics with so much interest in research.  We are positioned to take on research briefs for various projects particularly climate change oriented projects across the country.