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COP 28: Climate Change Education - A Driving Force For Climate Action

As world leaders converge in Dubai for the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP), T.R.E.E. Initiative's key area of interest is in the scaling of the Advocacy for Climate Action using hybrid Climate Change Education platforms and collaborations with partners willing to take on the challenge.

Our expectation at T.R.E.E. Initiative is that beyond rethorics, COP28 will draw measurable commitment from nations to design and invest in practical strategies that will push further and farther the Climate Change Education movement.

T.R.E.E. Initiative have worked assiduously in this area over the past few years engaging institutions and partners on the need to scale climate change education.

Because of the visible disconnection in understanding climate change as an issue with devastating consequences, T.R.E.E. Initiative supports identified practical solutions such as the incorporation of curricular revision processes, deliberate wide-scale teacher professional development on the subject matter, as community-based learning amongst others.

The need to escalate Climate Change Education (CCE) can no longer be overlooked because we are all affected. This has been a concern for us at T.R.E.E. Initiative.

The ominous signs are now here and they include declining biodiversity, debilitating human health challenges, and depleting ecosystems amongst several others.

By taking more than a cursory look at climate change education, T.R.E.E. Initiative is of the view that nationals and sub-nationals will be able to effectively communicate the role communities play in causing climate change, promote implementable adaptation strategies and core community actions that can mitigate climate change.

We are faced with increasing climate-related disasters, and a major panacea is research continues to invest in a fail proof climate change education movement that will address these challenges. T.R.E.E. Initiative will continue to empower communities with the requisite knowledge, skills, and values to face this climate challenge.

Climate education affords us an important vehicle to equip communities to be part of the efforts to meet the global climate challenge.

'Sola Kolawole

Executive Director

T.R.E.E. Initiative

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